about ashes

ashley and eddy

I’m Ashley. I live in a quiet apartment in Glen Ellyn, IL, with as good of a view of the wilderness as you could ever find in the western suburbs.

I work as an editorial assistant at a nearby Christian publisher. I copyedit and proofread manuscripts and manage our freelancers who do the same. Words are important to me. Learning to make writing clean, tight, beautiful and true is a task for a lifetime. I’m in.

Editing is fun, but writing my own words satisfies in deeper way. Words and writing are the ways I connect with God best. I write out my prayers these days and I write down what I’m hearing from God too. Writing and spirituality are basically the same thing to me. I process some of that here on this blog when I have the time and energy. (Admittedly, almost never.)

Because I know that God is inviting me to help others experience his presence and healing, I want to grow as a writer as I grow in that calling. Words aren’t everything, but they are powerful. They will be part of my work.

I grew up in a Baptist church, and in my wild, rebellious days I almost became Eastern Orthodox. (If only the priest hadn’t flung that ugly, juicy spider at me!) Now I’ve settled down in an Anglican church, and I’d like to stay. My husband, Eddy, hopes to be ordained someday, and maybe I do too. And lest you think I’m just a mushy mystic, I do have a master’s degree in biblical exegesis from Wheaton College.

Thanks for checking out my blog. It means a lot to me.


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